The International Communication Section (ICOMM)

of the International Studies Association

Will the Internet Fragment? A Discussion – April 6 @ 6.00pm

ICOMM Members attending ISA 2018 in San Francisco, note this event of interest featuring esteemed international communication scholar and winner of the 2015 ICOMM Best Paper Award, Milton Mueller.

Event Description: Ever since the Snowden revelations there have been dire warnings that the Internet is “fragmenting.” In his new book Will the Internet Fragment? Milton Mueller argues that the rhetoric of “fragmentation” camouflages a more basic issue: the attempt by governments to align information flows with their jurisdictional boundaries. He believes there is a very little risk of technical fragmentation; it is really a power struggle over the future of national sovereignty in the digital economy.

Is the Internet falling apart? Do you agree or disagree with the premises of the book? Join us for a discussion. We will have a networking reception after the presentation with snacks and drinks.

Location: This event will be held at the EFF office, our generous host. Address: 815 Eddy Street San Francisco, CA 94109

If you are planning to attend, Please RSVP  here.


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