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CfP: Place Branding: A Communication Perspective

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Communication & Society

Place Branding . A Communication Perspective


The Journal Communication & Society announces the publication of a Special Issue in October 2018 focused on “Place Branding. A Communication Perspective” guest – edited by Nigel Morgan ( University of Swansea) , Mihalis Kavaratzis (University of Leicester) and José Fernández – Cavia ( Universitat Pompeu Fabra ) .

Although Place Branding is no longer an emerging field of study , it not yet established as a mature discipline. The valuable work of a number of scholars in recent years has advanced the theoretical background of the discipline. Furthermore, the application of branding strategies to a variety of places has greatly contributed to the popularization and professionalization of the field, something also verified by the founding of the International Place Branding Association .


One of the prevailing qualities of plac e branding is that it critically affects people ’s lives as residents and citizens . At the same time, one of its most problematic features is that the image and reputation of places depend heavily on factors that are complex and often impossible to control.


Another fascinating characteristic of place branding is its interdisciplinary nature . In the study of place branding, theoretical underpinnings from many disciplines like economics , urban planning, geography, sociology, tourism, mar keting, politics and so forth have all play ed an important role. T his is , of course , particularly the case for the discipline of communication , whose links to place branding are indeed very strong. In a sense, it could be argued that branding is, in essenc e, a form of communication.


This is why this special issue on place branding in a communication journal becomes timely and relevant. In this special issue, we encourage researchers to submit both conceptual and empirical contributions dealing with place branding from a communication perspective. Themes appropriate for this issue include but are not limited to: the contribution of communication s to place branding; the use of social media in the promotion of cities, regions and nations; conceptual links bet ween place branding and tourism or public diplomacy; the role of media practitioners in place branding; organizational challenges of public and private place branding institutions; comparative case studies with a particular focus on towns, regions or count ries ; methods to convey effective place images; and stakeholder engagement in place branding and communications processes.


All submitted full papers will undertake a formal process of double – blind peer review by the Communication & Society editorial board.

Submission date: Full papers must be submitted by February 28th, 2018.


Contact : For queries, comments and submission, please email


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