The International Communication Section (ICOMM)

of the International Studies Association

2016 ICOMM PreConference

The International Communication Section of ISA hosted a special one-day pre-conference to ISA 2016 in Atlanta, GA on March 15, 2016:

Communication, Peace and Security in the 21st Century

Two overlapping trends highlight the first decade and a half of the 21st Century: information abundance and the growing ubiquity of mobile communication devices. While it is often claimed that these developments have facilitated political uprisings and revolutions, there is much debate over whether they have increased the world’s peace and security.  This pre-conference explored this important question at the international, state and individual levels. Keynote speakers included: Professors Robert Entman (George Washington University), Lene Hansen (University of Copenhagen), Steven Livingston (George Washington University) and Phil Seib (University of Southern California).

Read abstracts of the keynote speakers’ presentations here and details of the breakout session panels here.


  • 8.30 – 9.00AM – Registration and Coffee (Rm. 800)
  • 9.00 – 9.15 AM – Welcome
  • 9.15 – 10.45 AM – Keynote Speakers, Philip Seib and Lene Hansen
  • 11.00AM – 12.30PMBreakout Sessions (A01, A02, & A03)
  • 12.30PM – 1.30PM – Lunch Break
  • 1.30PM – 2.15PM – Keynote Speaker, Robert Entman
  • 2.30PM – 4.00PMBreakout Sessions (B01, B02, & B03)
  • 4.15 – 5.00PM – Keynote Speaker, Steven Livingston
  • 5.15PM – 6PM – Closing Reception and Poster Session

Location: Georgia State University, Department of Communication, 8th Floor, Twenty-five Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303 (approximately 15 minutes walk from the Hilton, Atlanta).

Please send any questions to icommconference [AT]

Conference Organizers:

The ISAICOMM Preconference was hosted by the Georgia State University Department of Communication and organized by:

  • Babak Bahador, University of Canterbury (Chair)
  • Chiara de Franco, University of Southern Denmark
  • Emily Metzgar, Indiana University
  • Gabriella Paar-Jakli, Kent State University
  • Ken Rogerson, Duke University
  • Jenifer Whitten-Woodring, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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