The International Communication Section (ICOMM)

of the International Studies Association

ISAICOMM 2016 Book Award Winner

ISAICOMM is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 ICOMM Book Award is Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order by Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin and Laura Roselle (Routledge, 2013).The Award will be presented at the ISA 2016 ICOMM reception in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Authors: Alister Miskimmon, Laura Roselle, & Ben O’Loughlin

From the Selection Committee: Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order has an ambitious agenda: to define and develop a more robust perspective on the foundations of world order. To do this, the authors guide the reader through the importance of narratives in both foreign policy and public diplomacy. These narratives–their formulation, projection, and reception–are indispensable to the production and maintenance of global order, hitherto conceived primarily in realist-materialist terms. The authors carefully unpack important trends across a range of geopolitical, as well as cultural and theoretical spaces, to present a unified framework that distills complex systems into meaningful understanding. At a time when acceptance of “soft power” is universally and uncritically adopted by both governments and the academic community, Strategic Narratives reminds us that the concept of “power” is neglected too readily in favor of more cultural approaches to strategic international communications. From the narrative of the book as a whole with its beautifully written and carefully researched and referenced chapters, to its powerful, cross-disciplinary arguments, this volume will serve as a foundation that informs and impacts the next generation of political communication and international relations scholarship (and practice).

Read more about Strategic Narratives and the ICOMM Book Award here.


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