The International Communication Section (ICOMM)

of the International Studies Association

ICOMM Announces the Recipient of its Distinguished Scholar Award for ISA 2016


Professor Robert Entman is the winner of the 2016 ISA ICOMM Distinguished Scholar Award

ICOMM will present its 2016 Distinguished Scholar Award during its annual reception at the 2016 International Studies Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in March.

Robert Entman, J.B. and M.C. Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs and Professor of International Affairs at The George Washington University, was selected as the 2016 ICOMM Distinguished Scholar for his important contributions to the field of international communication within an international studies context. From his foundational work on framing, which is widely cited in the field and beyond, to his Cascading Activation Model in Projections of Power, Entman’s contribution to the theory and study of international communication has been exceptional.

His newest book is Scandal and Silence: Media Responses to Presidential Misconduct (Polity, 2012). Entman’s Projections of Power: Framing News, Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy (University of Chicago, 2004) won the 2011 Graber Award for Outstanding Book from the Political Communication Section of the American Political Science Association (APSA). He is working on a new book tentatively entitled Media Biases. His other books include Mediated Politics: Communication in the Future of Democracy (2001, edited with Lance Bennett); The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America (2000, with Andrew Rojecki), which won Harvard’s Goldsmith Book Prize, the Lane Award from the American Political Science Association, and other awards; Democracy Without Citizens: Media and the Decay of American Politics (1989); and Media Power Politics (1981, with David Paletz). He has also published dozens of journal articles, reports, and book chapters in such fields as political communication, public opinion, race relations, and public policy.

He is the recipient of a number of awards recognizing his lifetime contributions including the Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany, which is “granted in recognition of a researcher’s entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline…”, the University of Texas’ 2011 Danielson Award for Distinguished Contributions to Communication Scholarship; the Distinguished Scholar Award from the National Communication Association; and the Murray Edelman Distinguished Career Achievement Award from the APSA’s Political Communication Section.

More information about the Award selection criteria, nomination process, and previous recipients is available here.


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